Volunteer Gains Perspective While Giving Back to CATCH

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

By Colleen Dluzynski
CATCH Volunteer
At 22 years old, I have been involved with CATCH for many years of my life. Whether it was walking  with and representing the charity in Detroit’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, assisting with various tasks at the Golf Prelude Party or organizing a school event to donate its proceeds to CATCH, I have always found ways to contribute to the charity I hold close to my heart.

As I head toward graduation from Central Michigan University with a degree in public relations, I chose to get involved with CATCH yet again, this time, to further my education in the non-profit sector and understand how CATCH executes its wonderful work.

It was evident from the moment I walked into CATCH’s office, the walls containing photos of children’s bright faces, Sparky Anderson’s smiling eyes and elements of Detroit’s rich history, this organization puts so much time and care into the children of its city.

When a child is sick, injured or in need and enters into Children’s Hospital or Henry Ford Hospital, it doesn’t always begin and end with a hospital visit; there are often extraneous or unforeseen expenses for the children and their families. CATCH fosters its mission of taking care of the children in need by providing the funds for services and utilities not covered by any other means.

This action speaks volumes of the charity’s commitment to improving the life of a child.

When I delved into learning about CATCH’s dedication to providing essentials to children and families, I realized the importance for this organization to continue to prosper.

CATCH is essential for the betterment of our society and its cause unites people from all over to give back. Donating, getting involved and supporting CATCH makes a difference in many children’s lives.

Especially as Detroit rises and life is breathed back into the city, I feel lucky and humbled to work with a charity that has been and will continue to be committed to the youth of a city that has been through so much over the last few decades.  

Sparky is right − nothing is better than helping a child because caring for them is encouraging a bright and positive future.

Though I’ll continue to support this charity, it’s never too late to get involved and give back. You can help CATCH aid children in Detroit hospitals for years to come.

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