Your Donations At Work


CATCH is an acronym for Caring Athletes Team for Children’s and Henry Ford Hospitals (tax ID # 38-2746810) that was founded by the late Detroit Tigers manager Sparky Anderson in 1987. Since that time, CATCH dollars from special events and donations have facilitated a steady stream of items and services that help improve the quality of life for thousands of needy children. Whether it be a bed monitor for a child who experiences dangerous seizures during the night or assisting families with utility and rent payments while taking time off work to help care for their sick child, CATCH funds are used in a reactionary manner where no other source of funding exists.

Here are a few examples that illustrate the many ways CATCH dollars help children in need.

CATCH covered anti-epilepsy medication for a month for a patient whose family was applying for children’s special healthcare services. His step-father passed away suddenly and the family had to change insurance plans that did not adequately provide coverage for his medication.

A 14-year-old girl with multiple complex medical problems developed the ability to walk with the assistance of a walker. However, her home was mostly carpeted and she did not have the strength to push the walker across carpet. She was very emotional about not being able to be with the rest of the family in the family room or go into her siblings bedrooms. CATCH paid for laminate flooring so she can now travel throughout the whole house.

CATCH helped an 8-year-old boy who has multiple medical problems after having suffered cardiac arrest. His mother had to quit her job to be able to care for him, So her only income is SSI. An organization donated a power wheelchair for him, but the mother did not have a handicapped van to transport her son and his wheelchair. CATCH funds were used on a down payment on a used van which allowed the mother to be able to afford the monthly payments.