Your Donations At Work

CATCH is an acronym for Caring Athletes Team for Children’s and Henry Ford Hospitals (tax ID # 38-2746810) that was founded by the late Detroit Tigers manager Sparky Anderson in 1987. CATCH dollars from special events and donations have facilitated a steady stream of items and services that help improve the quality of life for thousands of sick and underprivileged children. Since its founding, CATCH has provided  more than $10 million for this purpose and grown its Board-Designated Endowment Fund to $11 million to help serve the mission in perpetuity.

Whether it be a bed monitor for a child who experiences dangerous seizures during the night or assisting families with utility and rent payments while taking time off work to help care for their sick child, CATCH funds are used in a reactionary manner where no other source of funding exists.

Here are a few examples that illustrate the many ways CATCH dollars help children in need.

A 6-year-old patient’s mother was admitted to the hospital for an acute cardiac issue. While in the hospital, she received a phone call from home informing her that the electricity was being disconnected at home due to non-payment, leaving her daughter’s ventilator running on emergency battery backup with about six hours of power remaining. CATCH funds were used for emergency aid, allowing the electrical service to be restored before the ventilator battery was drained.

A patient and his mother, both with sickle cell disease, had been living without a working furnace for two weeks. After receiving some assistance from the Department of Health and Human Services, CATCH funds were used to pay the balance for the furnace.

An 11-year-old girl with cerebral palsy and spastic quadriplegia only had a non-foldable wheelchair with which to be transported and it did not fit in her mom’s car. Her only option to get to medical appointments and school was to arrange for proper wheelchair transport. CATCH funds were used to purchase a foldable stroller designed for children with special needs, and she is now able to attend her appointments, have her mom take her to and from school, and go on outings with her family.

A patient and family were evicted from the house they were renting. The family found an affordable home, but due to bedbug infestation at their old house, they had to throw away their beds and couches before moving into the new house. The mother was not able to replace the beds or furniture and the family was sleeping on the floor. CATCH funds were used to help the family acquire new furniture.