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Improving Quality of Life

Since 1987, CATCH dollars from special events and donations have facilitated a steady stream of items and services that help improve the quality of life for thousands of needy children, as well as growing the charity's "board-designated endowment fund" to ensure assistance for future generations. The charity "catches" children whose special needs might otherwise fall through the cracks.

These special humanitarian items and services, which would otherwise not be funded, include speech language therapy for children with autism and developmental disorders, vision exams and glasses, adaptive toys for children with limited use of limbs, wheelchair lifts, tutors and computers for children who have had prolonged hospitalizations, interpreters and home-based therapy equipment.

There are countless stories of how CATCH funds have made a difference:

* Parents of a wheelchair-bound son who had a brain tumor were in desperate need of a wheelchair ramp for their home, but they could only afford partial funding. CATCH dollars covered the remainer of the cost.

* Another family had a critically ill child who was in the hospital's intensive care unit. The mother would not leave her child's side, which meant she needed to take a leave of absense from her job. This put her behind on her bills, and she faced having her utilities shut off. CATCH dollars were used to assist in the interim.

* CATCH also came to the aid of a family whose mother was ill and the children were at home with an abusive father. CATCH dollars were used to get the mother and her children out of the abusive situation and into temporary housing.

Other examples include:

* Auditory items for a girl with multiple ailments which, for the first time, gave her a chance to succeed in school.

* A bicycle with a special back support for a young patient with paraplegia and other disabilities which allowed her to play and socialize with her friends

* A new furnace which allowed a mother, her pre-term infants and four other children to move back into their home.




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